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Our specialized services in research, realization maintenance of electrical engineering and home automation solutions

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For many years, NEO GE, a company specializing in applications for thermal comfort, has been developing its know-how in the fields of HVAC engineering.

From design to operation, NeoGe controls every stage in the implementation of your electrical engineering and home automation installation, thanks to its integrated design, manufacturing and testing departments.

The cross-disciplinary vision that comes from the diversity of our skills enables us to design comprehensive and innovative offers for your projects. This capacity for innovation is expressed in all our processes: design and execution, methods, and site organization.

With its local agencies, neoge's regional presence ensures that work is monitored as closely as possible to the reality on the ground, and its organization makes it possible to carry out ambitious projects.

It is therefore with a vision of constructive partnership, that we intervene on several levels of expertise:

  • advice,
  • study,
  • technical feasibility,
  • architectural integration,
  • installation,
  • maintenance.
NeoClim Qualibat certification
Neoclim QualiPV 500 RGE
Neo certified Qualiclima froid, fluids certification, refrigerant certification
Neo approved IRVE installer
Neo PG Gaz authorized installer
Neo, solar irradiation france

Our commitment: Control energy costs and protect the planet.

Today, Neo offers photovoltaic production systems, with microinverters or string inverters, and batteries (although we don't recommend them, as they're neither economical nor environmentally friendly at the moment).
Solar panels contain no rare earths (only purified silicon, glass, copper and silver), are virtually 100% recyclable and "pay for themselves" after around 1 year of use.
In our regions, photovoltaic panels are often profitable for less than 10 years, unless the site is shaded. Solar panels have a lifespan of well over 25 years. It's an excellent long-term investment that also adds value to your building or home.
This investment benefits fromstate and localgovernment subsidies, although these vary greatly depending on priorities and the economic climate. Neo keeps abreast of the latest developments, and is ready to provide you with all the support you need.
Today, it'sSELF-CONSUMPTION that's favored by economic players the world over. This means you don't have to buy your electricity from outside at a soaring price (+25% in 2023, and the same in 2024).

Partnership is our strongest commitment

Listen to customers and make yourself available to them.

Mobilize a team of specialists to advise customers and meet their needs.

To meet all the technical needs of the building industry and all project dimensions.

Provide customers with a Group contact and innovative technical solutions.

Respect the deadlines and commitments defined in the offer.

Put the Group's technological watch at the customer's service, and help them benefit from the latest innovations and regulations.

Working in partnership as part of a customer policy, not a business policy, in terms of energy and cost savings.

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Technical service and support

NeoGe Technical Support is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

This is a telephone service for NeoGe customers. It includes both After Sales Service and After Sales Technical Support.

Outside technical service opening hours, for customers with a contract including an on-call service, please refer to the contact provided.


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