Neoclim - Maintenance - HVAC - Electrical engineering
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Our specialized services in design, realization maintenance of HVAC solutions

Air conditioning vrv, neo clim, neo ge, alfea, maintenance, installation

From design to operation, Neo controls every stage in the implementation of your HVAC system, thanks to its integrated design, manufacturing and testing departments.

The cross-disciplinary vision that comes from our diverse skills enables us to design comprehensive, innovative solutions for your projects. This capacity for innovation is expressed in all our processes: design and execution, methods, and site organization.

Neo's strong local presence ensures that your work is monitored as closely as possible to the reality on the ground, and its organization makes it possible to carry out ambitious projects.

With a view to building a constructive partnership, we are involved at several levels of expertise: consulting, design, technical feasibility, architectural integration, installation and maintenance.

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